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About Us

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Hobart Tree Removal is a team of professional arborists servicing Hobart and the surrounding areas. We're not only tree experts but we all tend to love nature, trees, and the great outdoors and we generally love coming to work most days. We're a pretty easy going group of guys and girls who try to enjoy ourselves whilst at the same time providing you, our customers, an exceptional experience whether it's your first time working with us or you've been a customer for years.

We value safety above all (of our employees and customers) as our profession does come with certain risks, customer service and performing our job to the highest ability. We want to ensure that you have are fully satisfied with our team and the job they do. When we part ways with you after a successful job we'll guarantee the site will be clean and clear, the job performed to a high standard, and that we will have addressed any concerns you might have had.

So if you have a tree or stump that needs removal contact us now for a free quote!