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If you want to get rid of a stump quickly this may just be the best way to do it. It's fast, effective and quite often a simple job to do. Plus, it is also a way that we are going to be able to recycle and reuse some of the pieces that we remove a lot better. Essentially what we are going to be doing is cutting down the stump to its lowest possible form. One of the main things that tend to be different between removal and grinding is the fact that in grinding most of the roots are going to stay intact. If that is not something that you want, then removal may be the best option for you!

The Quick Way  

The reason why this process is considered the quickest way to deal with a stump is that we are basically just going to mow over the stump. In some of the smaller stumps that we take care of this is a process that can be basically complete within the hour.

We are not going to be using overly complex equipment. All that we are going to need is something that is sharp and powerful enough to cut through the stump. If you need to we can take care of multiple stumps for you within one visit.

The Cons

It is not that we want to get into people’s business all of the time. In these cases, though we are usually going to ask the client why they want to get rid of the stump. If they reply that they don’t want to have to deal with the roots because they are tearing up other areas around them, then we would suggest a removal over a grinding process. Grinding tends to be a much more superficial process. We are not going to be getting all the way to the roots in most cases.

Don’t Try This At Home

If you go through a quick search online you are going to find that there are a lot of ways that you could remove a stump. One of the more popular grinding methods that people have used in the past is literally burning the stump to the ground. We are just going to say that this is usually not a great idea. Especially if you happen to have a stump around different types of plants or grass that could help fuel the fire. A lot of these methods can get out of hand fairly quickly. We could say try at your own risk. If you want to be safe give us a call!

Proper Grinding Techniques

Looking back at the points that we have covered we feel we need to clear a lot of things up. Griding a stump is a very reliable way to ensure that the stump is not going to be giving you more trouble. There is a chance that the roots and other areas could continue to grow. That is not something that is overly likely though. That is why a lot of people happen to prefer this option. We also offer tree trimming service.

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