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Hobart Stump Removal

Hobart Stump Removal

Stump Removal Hobart've got a pesky tree stump that just doesnt want to come out, maybe you've tried removing it yourself or dont even want to try, which is fair enough. This particular stump of yours might be a tripping hazard, it might look ugly, or it might be getting in the way of your next garden project and you'd like it removed from your life once and for all, fair enough!. Tree stumps can be very frustrating to remove (especially if you don't have the right tools, know-how and experience) as the roots can go very deep and stretch far and wide, fear not as this is our specialty and a skill we've perfected over our many years of arborist experience.

We'll do our thing and make sure the entire root is removed so there's no chance of a piece of it being left behind which can occasionally sprout a new tree and give you even more headaches.

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Why Remove Your Stump?

You might be tempted just to leave your sump where it is, it might look alright or you might be able to hide it by growing some tall plants around it, however there are some issues you need to consider before taking this option.
- Stump are very easy to trip on and depending on how big it is and where its located it could possibly trip up a family member or friend causing them so seriously injury!
- Stumps can get in the way of your garden project or plans as they're generally quite chunky.
- They can also attract and feed fungi which might infect your other trees.
- It can also attracts other pests that can cause damage to your house or garden including termites, ants and cockroaches.

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Professionalm Stump Removal Services

Whilst you might be tempted to remove the tree stump yourself (if you havnt already tried this) the failure rate is high for amateur tree removalists such as yourself (no offence, its not your fault!) as most stumps are notoriously difficult to remove due to the depth and distance the roots can spread. It might be easier to remove some smaller, younger stumps yourself but for the most part you'll have to work extremely hard for that reward and you can very easily injure yourself doing this. For the time, effort (and potentially saving you from some sort of an injury) it can be a no brainer to get an expert in who can quickly and efficiently remove the stump, and not only that, but they'll take it away for you!

If you want a total solution this is going to be your best bet. Although we do our best to ensure that the stump is not going to give you any trouble after we grind it there is still a chance the roots are going to give you some trouble. Pests can latch on to whatever happens to remain from a tree. When you get a full removal that is not something that you need to worry about. As we said now your problem is literally going to be a hole. That is usually an easier problem to cope with though!

Remove The Stump or Leave It Be?

A lot of the information online paints the process of removing a stump as something that would seem pretty complex. So a lot of people after reading this may decide that it is just not worth it. We don’t think the process is that complex most of the time. So for starters don’t believe everything you read. What we can say though is that some stumps pose a bigger threat than others. We can come in and have a look at the situation to let you know what the best option is!

So if you're in need of tree stump removal in Hobart, call us today on 0488 842 525!