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Tree Trimming Hobart

Gardener trimming tree

Tree Trimming Hobart

Tree Removal Hobart doesnt just remove trees and stumps, we trim and prune them as well! Trimming is basically a way to tidy up small trees, and shrubs and keeping them looking neat and tidy, it can also prevent too much overgrowth which reduce the amount of moisture and sunlight the plant receives so they should be trimmed at least twice a year or more.

Tree Pruning Hobart

Tree pruning on the other hand is to prevent dead or weak branches from coming down unexpecedly and injuring someone or damaging property. Dead or infested branches or tree limbs can also pose a serious threat to the tree itself so it's best that these are detected early and removed as soon as possible or else you risk the whole tree having to be removed. Pruning is also a great way to stimulate the tree and will encourage new growth.

Safety First 

Most people don’t think that tree trimming and tree pruning are something that can have safety ramifications. We are not saying that we are trimming your tree so that your kids can’t climb higher either. If you talk to any insurance company they know that it is important to keep tree branches at an appropriate length so that they don’t clash with any part of your home and cause any type of damage. That is one of the reasons why we really urge people to have their trees trimmed regularly.

The Health Of The Tree Itself 

Do you know how if you have long hair a lot of the times the best way to get rid of dull or unhealthy parts is just to cut them out? The same thing goes for trees. Of course, our main goal is to take steps to ensure that the tree is as healthy as possible all year round. There are times though, especially in very specific types of trees where these parts are just going to be pretty dead. If this is the case the best thing that we could do is trim these parts and hope that the issue does not spread.

Do We Follow Some Type of Schedule?

A lot of people want to say that you should trim trees in the winter when they are dormant, others are going to say certain trees should be cut at particular times during the year. We are not saying that is wrong, but we like to take a look at each case and make individual recommendations. Of course, the health of the tree is important to us. If it has gotten too long to the point where you don’t like the way that it looks you should be able to get it cut no matter what time of year we are in. So, we can work on a schedule, but these are typically unique to each client.

Regular Tree Trimming & Pruning

If you're in need of regular tree trimming and pruning from a qualified arborist we're more than happy to book you in for a regular appointment, just ask one of our friendly staff. So if you need some tree trimming in Hobart please contact us on 0488 842 525 for a free quote.